How To Get A Man Utd Season Ticket

We often get asked this question. How do I get a Man Utd season ticket. The simple answer is, it is very difficult with tens of thousands reported to be on the waiting list. But here at Red Devil Threads we want to explain to you how to go about getting your hands on the season ticket you will hold onto for the rest of your life.

During the fans forum meeting on the 13th of December 2023 when asked for an update on the status of the season ticket waiting list, director of supporter services Sam Kelleher replied,

It is very difficult at present to obtain a new Season Ticket. In the main this is due to the high renewal rates. Priority for new Season Tickets goes to Cup Season Ticket holders, followed by Premium Members who have paid a deposit. As of 10th December 2023, we currently have 157,119 people on the waiting list. When layering the varying prioritisations referred to in the question, the number is around 20,000 equating 30,000 tickets where some
form of premium has been paid. I must flag that we did not go on sale with new Season Tickets for 2023/24.

On 16th of April 2024 Manchester United via Ian Chew (Premium & Hospitality Sales Executive), emailed fans currently on the season ticket waiting list offering them a chance to join the Executive Club.

Executive Club tickets start at £3,900 + vat and includes all competitive home games throughout the season. Waiting time for the Executive Club is considerably shorter than the Season Tickets which is currently estimated at 19 years.

It is unknown if the 19 years waiting list from the club is accurate or a marketing ploy to convince fans with the money to purchase the more expensive Executive Club tickets.

Update: At the beginning of May 2024 Manchester United began contacting Cup Season Ticket holders who had been to every Cup game for both seasons the CST has been in existence by phone and text and offered them the chance to purchase full season tickets.

Season Tickets

Man Utd have over 50,000 season ticket holders. A season ticket holder gets access to the 19 home Premier League games at Old Trafford. This is paid for in advance and ranges from £551 to £1007 per ticket. The holder then has the option to opt into each cup competition on a competition by competition basis (FA Cup, Carabao Cup, UEFA Champions League/UEFA Europa League) with the money taken out of the holders account around 1-2 weeks after the competition draw has taken place. Something season ticket holders are fully aware of by recent developments, as United has achieved an impressive feat by drawing in 12 cup games at home, bringing joy to the holders’ bank balances.

The Process to get a Man Utd Season Ticket

Getting a Manchester United season ticket can be really challenging right now. Because so many people want them, there’s a waiting list. You can join the waiting list by paying a £100 deposit or choose a £0 deposit option. People who already have cup season tickets get first dibs when new full season tickets are up for grabs each summer.

Although unofficial it is believed by many the below list is the order of priority for new season tickets sales by the club.

  • Cup Season Ticket holders
  • Premium members who paid £100 deposit waiting list
  • Premium members on waiting list
  • Waiting list

Man Utd Season Ticket Prices

At the beginning of the 2023/2024 season Manchester United increased season ticket prices by 5%. This was the first increase for 11 seasons. United cited the cost of delivering matches had gone up by 40 per cent in the past five years, and 11 per cent in the past 12 months alone, forcing the increase in price. The cheapest adult season ticket currently sits at £551 whilst the most expensive general admission season ticket is £1007. The price of the ticket depends on the part of the stadium your seat is.

Manchester United have recently announced another 5% increase (to the nearest pound) in season ticket prices for the 2024/2025 season, blaming the continued rise in match day operating costs at Old Trafford. This will take you average £760 season ticket up to £779.

Man Utd Season Ticket Prices

Cup Season Tickets

Cup Season Ticket seats are made available when a Full Season Ticket holder opts out of all cup competitions. Fans pay up front for the cost of any guaranteed home cup games e.g. 3 UEFA group stage home games, and all tickets will be charged at Official Member prices. Remaining games are then debited at the point of qualification, from the card details provided at the point of purchase. Payment is usually taken very quickly after the draws / qualification, so it’s important to keep your card details up to date at all times. If a Cup Season Ticket holder fails to make payment for a game, their Cup Season Ticket will be cancelled for the remainder of the season.

Cup Season Ticket holders will have fist choice on sales for the following season. Fans will be required to select different seats each season, as Full Season Ticket holders change their opt-in status. Cup Season Ticket holders also have priority to purchase a Full Season Ticket, ahead of those who have paid a deposit and purchased a Premium Official Membership.

Executive Club Man Utd Season Ticket

The Executive Club is Manchester United’s set of hospitality choices, offering various suites and boxes. These options range from having tea and coffee throughout the game, to enjoying a three-course meal and access to a fully stocked bar. Prices vary widely, starting from £150 and going well beyond £2000, depending on the package and the specific match.

All Executive Club seats are padded and situated in prime locations at Old Trafford. These seats cover a range, from tier 1 seats at the halfway line to tier 2 North East and West Quadrant seating. Certain packages may come with specific dress codes.

Non-Season Ticket Holders

While working towards getting a season ticket, don’t forget it is possible to attend matches at Old Trafford as a non-season ticket holder. Fans can buy a membership at the start of the season which allows them to buy tickets during ticket drops every few weeks and enter ballots for bigger games.

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