2024/2025 Man Utd Membership

We often get asked questions about memberships from confused Manchester United fans. How much is a Man Utd membership, How do I cancel my Man Utd membership, What type of Manchester United membership should I choose and What is in a Man Utd Membership pack.

For the 2024/2025 season Manchester United are offering four different membership types to there fans. This includes Premium, Full, Lite and Junior. The type of Man Utd membership you may want to purchase will depend on the benefits they offer and your budget.

Man Utd Membership types, Premium, Full, Lite, Junior

Membership Benefits

All membership type offers fans the following benefits. Access to purchase home and European away tickets to Manchester United games. Discounted price for Manchester United Women’s games tickets. 10% discount for the Manchester United megastore and online store and a digital membership card and yearbook. All membership types also offer the chance to receive forwarded tickets from season ticket holders.

Man Utd Membership Explained

Premium Membership – £75

Premium membership is for fans who wish to receive a Premium version of the merchandise pack that members receive at the start of each season (usually August). In the past this has included hats, water bottles, pens and a coaster. In terms of benefits the premium membership offers 50% off the museum and stadium tour experience, 20% off food and drink from the Red Cafe at Old Trafford. From season 2024/2025 this membership will also offer the chance to appear in club content and access to behind the scenes digital content and digital matchday programmes. Lastly and another amazing benefit to premium membership is MUTV which is usually priced £30 a year alone.

Full Membership – £40

Full membership is for fans happy to receive a standard merchandise pack alongside the other benefits. Full membership holders get a 40% discount for the stadium tour and museum and 15% discount for the Red Cafe. They also get 20% off MUTV subscription.

Lite Membership – £35

Lite membership is for members who have no interest in merchandise packs but wish to be able to gain access to tickets and Megastore discount. As you would expect with the cheaper price tag, the benefits are limited. The membership does still include 20% off the museum and stadium tour and 10% off the Red Cafe.

Junior Membership – £20

Junior membership is for United fans under the age of 16 who receive a junior version of the merchandise pack. They also get 50% off the museum and stadium tour experience and 10% off food and drink from the Red Cafe at Old Trafford. Unlike any other membership junior members get access to digital soccer school content. This comes with the premium options of the chance to appear in club content and access to behind the scenes digital content and digital matchday programmes.

Forwarding Membership – £20

The membership option solely gives you the chance to have tickets from season ticket holders forwarded to your account. This is largely seen as a massive scam by Man Utd fans worldwide.

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